Airmail 5000



Comes with 1 AirMAil 5000. If you want one for each end order a quantity of 2.


Our Airmail 5000 is a great product to help perfect your airmail game!

This product replaces the use of an airmail box and allows for an easy way to block the hole to shoot airmails.


Works great on UV printed tops, or plain boards with a good clear coat.

*** Do not use on boards with wraps/stickers***

the suction cups are strong and may pull the stickers off.

If your board is very bouncy, the suction cup may come off due to the vibrations of the bounce.

We do not know what kind of boards you have, we will not be responsible for damage to any boards. If you are not sure if it will stick to your board, please contact us before you purchase.

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