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Breaking news...! SHAG CONTRAST Genesis red and black are back in stock for a limited time! See links below.


Shag Contrast

The newest carpet bag in the SHAG lineup! This bag gives you the perfect carpet side with a speed of 4-5 which you can flop and roll to your hearts content. Combine that with the fast side of a Gamechanger at a speed of 9-10 for pushing through anything the board throws at you and you may just have a carpet lovers dream bag! This bag has a slightly fuller feel so you can perform all the carpet shots you need flawlessly.

  • Set of 4 bags
  • Filled to within 1% of 15.85oz with the highest quality plastic resin on the market.
  • Non intrusive seam
  • Perfect size and fill volume for optimal hand feel - 6x6 and 1.2" thick
  • ACLPRO Stamped 2023 for tournament play

Break In

This bag comes broken in (using our proprietary process) and ready for high performance play! Proper break in is particuarly important with carpet bags to achieve optimimal performance.

The Design

Genesis (as in the start of something BIG). Featuring the debut of our new "AC" logo with a bold new "vibrant red" tilt.

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Hottest Carpet Bag of 2023

  • Available in Red and Black
  • Collector Design - featuring new "AC" logo
  • Precision Carpet Side - VERY controllable
  • FREE Shipping - ships in days, not weeks
  • Seam Breakage Warranty - 1 Full Year!