Welcome to the new AllCornhole

Are you itching to play cornhole? We don’t blame you. It’s addictive. If you’re one of the unfortunate souls that has never experienced cornhole, then you have our sympathy — and our utmost encouragement to play an inning, then another, and more and more.

The history of cornhole is a topic of debate among fans, with the only consensus being how great the game actually is. Cornhole’s appeal comes from its extremely rounded and widespread nature. Regardless of skill, it’s fun for everyone and can be adapted slightly to benefit newer or younger players. It’s cheap, clean, and safe, making it perfect for any audience at any location — even indoors. Setting up and dismantling is incredibly simple, consisting of only measuring the distance between the two cornhole platforms.

Once measurements are completed and the boards are placed, then gameplay can commence! Gameplay consists of tossing several 6” x 6” bean bags at a 2’ x 4’ platform with a 6” hole at the top. It’s really that simple! And this simplicity is really what’s helped cornhole’s popularity spread. It’s easy to transport, extremely enjoyable, and a great way to pass the time, anytime.

Not only is cornhole easy to assemble, but it’s also easy to play. While purists follow a very strict set of rules, they can be altered for those looking for a more laid-back experience. Everyone agrees that you play until a player or team scores 21 points, with a bean bag landing on-board being worth 1 point and a bean bag entering the “cornhole” scoring 3 points. Games are split into Innings, with serious players insisting on specific pitching orders and cancellation scoring protocols. We will provide more information on this later, but our main focus is to get you out there playing in the first place!

Feeling competitive yet? Great! Increased communication has led to organizations like PlayCornHole.org looking to better regulate the sport with national ranking systems. So you’d better get practicing! Thankfully, we supply everything you need to get started today!

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