Grab Your Sack and Toss It!

When it comes to cornhole bags there are a ton of choices out there. Which one is right for you? What bags should you avoid? The answer… well, it depends! We are going to go through and answer some of the common questions so you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next set of cornhole bags.

There are different types of cornhole bags?

Yes! Long gone is the day where the only choice you had was a 6×6 duck canvas bag filled with 15-16oz of corn. You can now choose from the original standard cornhole bags, weather resistant cornhole bags, dual sided cornhole bags, pro series cornhole bags, and now you can even get your favorite team’s cornhole bags or even get a custom set for your wedding or party! The industry has exploded with options in the past few years. The standards all remain the same: bags are 6” x 6” and weigh in between 15-16 oz. Let’s talk about some of the options in a bit more depth.

Standard Corn Filled Cornhole Bags

These bags have been a staple for years! They are a great option if you want to stick to the games roots but you are willing to replace your bags a bit more often. The corn will break down and lose its bulk and weight over time. For those cornhole players out there who believe “The Dust is a Must”, these are definitely their cornhole bag of choice!
red royal

Weather Resistant Cornhole Bags

These are a more recent development but have still been around for a while. People were getting sick of leaving there bags out in the sprinklers or rain and finding them full of moldy nasty corn the next day. The solution was simple. Fill the bags with plastic resin instead of corn! The resin filled weather resistant cornhole bags will dry right out and play like new if you ever leave your bags out in the elements. Everything else about these cornhole bags is the same as the standard cornhole bags. Weather resistant cornhole bags are definitely the bag of choice if you tend to drink a bit too much while playing and forget your bags outside overnight!

weather resistant cornhole bags

Dual Sided Cornhole Bags

These bags add a whole new dimension to the game. One side of the bag uses the standard duck cloth for slide and the other side is made from high quality upholstery micro suede for sticking to the board. That is why they are often called Stick-n-Slick cornhole bags. Depending on the situation in the game you can slide the bag with the duck cloth or stick it with the suede! One note about these bags: If you do not know what side of the bag will land on the board, these bags will not make much of a difference for you. This is the style of bags used in all the ACO tournaments. They can be filled with either corn or weather resistant resin.

dual sided cornhole bags

Pro Series Cornhole bags

If you want to play with the bags that pro players prefer then these are what you are looking for. Pro series cornhole bags use a softer twill fabric in place of the duck canvas. Some people do not like how stiff duck canvas can be when they get a new set of bags and prefer a broken in set of bags. The twill gives you the best of both worlds, a new bag that feels like it is already broken in! With twill on one side and suede on the other you get all the benefits of the standard dual sided bags as well. These bags are almost always filled with resin instead of corn.

pro series cornhole bags

Team cornhole bags

Now cornhole players have the option of supporting their favorite team while playing their favorite sport! Team cornhole bags typically use cotton team fabric lined over a layer of duck cloth so they remain durable. These have become very popular in the last year or so. Check out our NFL Cornhole Bags or our NCAA Cornhole Bags!

team cornhole bags

Wedding Cornhole Bags

Cornhole is becoming more and more popular at wedding receptions across the country. Brides are looking for the perfect cornhole bags to match their wedding colors and style. Whether it is a chevron design, polka dots or something else… you can find them all over the place these days. They use the same concept as the team bags overlaying the duck cloth with the cotton wedding fabric.

wedding cornhole bags

Hopefully after reading this you have a better understanding of the different types of cornhole bags available and can make a better informed decision when purchasing your next set. Make sure when buying cornhole bags that the company stands behind their product. backs up their cornhole bags with a full 1 year warranty against seam breakage which is almost unheard of in the cornhole industry.

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