Valentine’s Day Gifts

As the New Year has sunk in for most of us or we have all played too much Get Sunk over the holiday break, we are all excited for a year ahead.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for exciting new product releases. We are constantly staying ahead of the Cornhole competition and latest trends. These trends included our recent Slide-RiteTM humidity cornhole bags; perfect for humidity and climate environments. If you loved those, then we have more top of the line dual-sided cornhole bags to be excited for. Stay tuned!

You all speak and we listen on what makes the perfect cornhole game. From ACL cornhole tournaments to backyard family fun, we are excited to be the source for your cornhole games. Don’t just think of us as a cornhole board and bag company; we have all the accessories to create one heck of a good time. With spring and summer around the corner and everyone stuck inside during the winter months, be sure to order your summer cornhole accessories now. We have 15% OFF on everything till January 31st. Just a few more days to take advantage of this great New Year’s deal.

In a few weeks most will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. If you’re in love and need or ‘have’ to celebrate or you will get in trouble (lol), then we are here to help! Some do gifts, some do chocolate…why not do BOTH! Go pink or red and create your own customized items. Down to a custom logo, saying or even a picture of your kissy face on dual-sided bags; we are not limited to ideas to woooooo your loved one. Get your orders in today to meet Valentine’s deadlines!

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